10 x £10 (new style)

(4 customer reviews)


10 x £10 = £100

– Same size as original 

– Double sided

– High quality waterproof print


– UV Markings

– Same serial number (may change depending on batch)

– Unnoticeable legal reproduction markings

– The closest you can get to the real deal legally

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Seeing is believing!  We offer a “sample note” tester option for each of our products. We are so confident in our work.  Order just one of our notes and if you like them, come back for a larger consignment for great discount!
Double sided, original size, made by master fabricators using specialist ink and chemical treated paper to achieve a high quality finish almost identical.
5 years experience, all products made and shipped from various locations all within the U.K.
High quality equipment used in the process. Imported ink and high grade chemicals – as used in genuine minting of pound notes.

Original weight and dimensions, Double sided, High quality waterproof print, Real POLYMER, UV Markings, Same serial number (may change depending on batch), Unnoticeable legal reproduction markings, The closest you can get to the real deal legally

PLEASE NOTE- We are not responsible for any illegal use of our notes. We are against the use of these notes to attempt to be used in a dishonest or unlawful way. Our replica notes are NOT legal tender and any attempt to use them as such would be illegal. We take no responsibility or liability for any action involving our products.
This is Prop Money designed for on camera, dementia sufferers etc.

4 reviews for 10 x £10 (new style)

  1. Jody

    If I could give 6 star I would. The new design is second to none. Colours are identical. I like to use the £5. Just enough to get away with.

  2. Tony

    I’m rich!!!!! Thanks

  3. Ry

    I normally get euros but ordered new style pound notes to see. they are exact and look and feel just like new style. really impressed guys

  4. Bob

    Absolutely the only place to get polymer, my truthful review.

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